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Posted on January 12, 2015, 2:05 am
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Welcome to the Gateway Sun.

Our website is designed to be a news, events and information platform focusing on the community of Gateway, Florida. The primary feature will be unique content generated on a near-daily basis, as well as special information about our local businesses, services, government and residents.

The Sun launched on January 12, 2015 with its website, Facebook page (FB.com/TheGatewaySun) and Twitter account (@gatewaysun). Other channels will be developed in the future, with our priorities being on a web app, video and other internet-based social mediums.

Our publication would like to become known as an outlet for Gateway residents to share their thoughts about matters of importance to area. We highly encourage “Letters To The Editor” be emailed to the Gateway Sun‘s editor Jeff Kuntz at jkuntz@gatewaysun.com. You must include your full name and which community you live in, both of which will be published along with your letter.

Jeff and his wife Susan, along with their four children, are residents of Cypress Pointe. Jeff operates a Gateway-based restaurant delivery service and played a role in the Lee County School District selecting Gateway as the site for its next high school.

To reach the editor by telephone please dial 239-645-4555.

If you operate a business located in Gateway, or if you’re a Gateway resident who’s a business owner and you would like to be profiled in the Sun please let us know by email. We’re always looking to write about companies that operate in our town. Or if you know of a local event or news story – again please email us.

This page will be updated as the Gateway Sun evolves and improves.


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