UPDATE: LCSO denies they told Tinkle that all traffic agreements on private roads have been canceled

Posted on February 17, 2020, 5:31 pm
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A little over a week ago this publication reported that Gateway Supervisor Ed Tinkle said that he was advised on a February 5 phone call from a Lee County Sheriff’s Office employee that their department was canceling all of their traffic enforcement agreements within private communities county-wide, and making communities re-apply if they wanted the service to resume.

Tinkle is the HOA president of the Gateway Greens HOA and the call also included the Gateway Greens resident who is in charge of security operations for the HOA.

On the other end of the phone from the LCSO was one of their staff members whose name we know but are not publishing.

When I called the LCSO staffer in question and asked her if it was true, her response was not:

“What are you talking about?”



She simply wanted to get off the phone with me. She referred me to the LCSO’s Public Information Office. A call to the PIO went unreturned.

However, I have since received two very pleasant emails from a high-level member of the LCSO about the situation and that person said the LCSO never told the Gateway Greens HOA that all agreements in Lee County had been canceled.

“It would seem some miscommunication occurred between the various parties involved, however, we have no reason to believe that miscommunication originated with [the LCSO staffer],” said the high-level LCSO official.

The LCSO official did confirm to me that they have suspended traffic enforcement in Stoneybrook.

If you wonder why I’m being so vague it’s because Tinkle and the LCSO have different stories about what was said on the call but I don’t have all the facts yet. I’m still waiting on a records request submitted to the LCSO for a document that both Gateway Greens officials independently told me the LCSO staff member (from the phone call) told them instructed her to call multiple communities to advise them of the traffic agreement cancellations.

If you wonder why I’m writing this article at all without all of the information, it’s to let people know that the LCSO has NOT stopped enforcing their traffic agreements in private communities where enforcement agreements are in place with the county. Despite waiting on the document request, enough time has passed that the record should be corrected because what’s happening in terms of enforcement is the opposite of what I wrote was going to happen.


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