Or maybe not! Sun gets prediction relating to MMM school name wrong

Posted on October 30, 2019, 10:07 am
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You know what happens when you “assume”.

Sometimes when I do it, it ends up with me apologizing to my readers.

I had assumed that the way the Lee County School District handled publishing the results of the first MMM school name survey… is the way they would reveal the results of the second survey.

Specifically, a few days prior to the school board briefing meeting when the first survey results were discussed, the LCSD staff published the first results in the agenda packet for that meeting. So, I assumed they would adhere to the same procedure and transparency standard and I wrote that the results of the second survey “should” (yes I said “should” in the article but that’s not the point) be published in the same fashion, just a few days before the board briefing to discuss the second survey’s results. The date I predicted was October 29.

Not so.

Apparently the public may not get advance notification. (In all fairness, I actually might be to blame for that – which makes the fact I may have doomed my own prediction mind-blowing on a quantum level. Perhaps there will be a quantum physics course as part of the MMM curriculum that can delve into this self-defeating prophetic paradox.) And even if we do get advance notification, we didn’t get it on October 29.

So .. the new question is whether or not the board members will get the survey data in advance at all? Maybe they already have? Certainly the public would be better off if the board members arrived at the October 31 board briefing meeting with time to prepare as opposed to surprising them with the second survey data in a PowerPoint slide.

The next question is whether or not the rest of the timeline could be affected. A groundbreaking ceremony is set for November 13. Formal invitations have been sent out (although they must have accidentally sent my invite to the wrong address.) So the board will need to vote on the school name on November 5 if they’d like to have signage with a school name on it for all the cameras. That makes October 31 the best chance they have to agree without actually voting on a plan for November 5.

The alternative is to head in to the November 5 meeting with the mindset that they’ll discuss and decide at that meeting.

Since I blew the October 29 prediction — and I apologize for that — there’s no sense trying to further predict what they’ll do on October 31 or November 5 beyond what I already have. And who knows, if there’s a PowerPoint presentation being prepared maybe we’ll get an advance copy of that today or tomorrow before the meeting.

Obviously I have a few thoughts on the district staff withholding the second survey data. But with the picture starting to come in to focus as to which school name the board members are leaning toward, it’s best to just sit back and be patient.

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