Survey results show community strongly prefers “Gateway High School” as MMM school name

Posted on October 14, 2019, 4:01 pm
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While it may not please Ms. Timissay G., who served as a Lehigh Acres community representative on the MMM school naming committee, the vast majority of Gateway residents will be thrilled with the school name survey results.

Timissay remarked on Facebook that when she goes to the next school board meeting, that she’ll “remember to bring my tiny violin to play for these whinny [sic] residents of Gateway.”

The survey results show that Gateway High School received … how can I put this … because the term ‘overwhelming majority’ would actually be an underwhelming way to describe it.

There was a clear runaway winner in the community survey results.

So what were the top 10 results?

Gateway High School: 815
Griffin High School: 128
Edison High School: 54
MLK Jr. High School: 41
Robert E. Lee High School: 20
Donald Trump High School: 19
Gabriela Mistral High School: 19
Barack Obama High School: 17
Adam Jobbers-Miller High School: 17
Gateway Griffin High School: 17
Southwest Florida High School: 17

We will some insights and analysis for all you “whinny” Gateway residents tomorrow.

For today, the message should be extremely loud and crystal clear what the community wants the Lee County School District board to do.

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