Lee County says no parking enforcement in Stoneybrook unless 2 conditions are met

Posted on October 03, 2019, 9:14 pm
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Not that we expect the Stoneybrook HOA board to listen since it isn’t going to be what they want to hear … but Lee County has weighed in on the parking enforcement debate in that community.

As of right now there are no parking enforcement regulations in place and no county ordinance preventing you from parking on Stoneybrook’s county-standard 20 foot wide roads. You may park on the streets of Stoneybrook in accordance with county ordinances 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Stephen Jansen, the Engineering Manager at the Lee County Department of Transportation, whose very job it is to oversee potential parking enforcement in Stoneybrook, said the county would need two things before any kind of parking enforcement can occur there.

Now … I cannot stress enough that this isn’t some random guy from some obscure department here. Remember when Gateway Boulevard and Griffin Drive were transferred from the Gateway District to Lee County? Jansen was the person who handled the transfer on behalf of the Lee County DOT.

So to be clear … this isn’t me or Joe Mikulka spouting off what we happen to think (all the while saying the other one is full of it.)

Jansen’s the guy. This is his wheelhouse.

What did Jansen tell the Gateway District the two conditions would be?

First condition …. Jansen said that in order for parking enforcement to take place in Stoneybrook, they would want a vote conducted with nearly 100% participation and 66.7% of the voters being in agreement of the parking rules.

EDITOR’S NOTE: if you’ve been following this for awhile you may remember we’ve already reported this, except that we reported it would need to be 75% agreement. So either my source was incorrect about the percentage needed, or the percentage needed changed from 75% to 66.7%. But obviously now we’ll go with the newer, lower number.

Second condition …. Stoneybrook would need to have its roads properly marked with legal signage that would stand up in court if they were enforced. Whether that means one sign every 20 feet, or the signs must be 9 feet off the ground instead of 6 feet or whatever, I can look in to all that and probably will. But basically, Jansen said that proper, legal signage is non-negotiable.

So there you have it.

Nothing’s changed… There’s no towing enforcement… Just park in accordance with Lee County ordinances and ignore the HOA’s fake parking tickets.

As for the signage coming down no vote was taken on that issue today. The street parking issue was tabled to the district’s November 7 meeting.

However, we will be reviewing the video of today’s district meeting since two people who were there both independently suggested a sequence of events took place in which Chairperson Margaret Fineberg violated GSCDD meeting management rules. And if true, Fineberg broke the rules (she’ll say she erred or forgot) in such a way that it just happened to favor her preferred and openly stated position on street parking. Shocking, I know.

If it’s not true I’ll explain what happened anyway and apologize to Fineberg, but multiple people described the situation the same way.

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