Gateway Charter student arrested for threatening a mass shooting at his school

Posted on September 16, 2019, 7:57 am
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A 13 year-old student at Gateway Charter Intermediate (the middle school) was arrested yesterday after a 2-week investigation which uncovered frightening statements including threats to shoot up his school.

It began on September 3 when a notebook belonging to eighth-grader Constantine Grant was discovered containing “disconcerting and non-specific violence”. According to a press release from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office: Subsequently reviewed by a Lee County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer and detective, along with school administrators from Gateway Intermediate School located at 12770 Gateway Boulevard in Fort Myers, the statements contained within the notebook did not meet the specific criteria required to arrest the 8th grade student, Constantine Grant.

Detectives paid a home visit to Grant’s residence to further investigate, however “based upon that home interview and assessment, it was determined that there was no specific and viable threat.”

Gateway Charter allowed Grant to return to school and, on the advice of a contracted therapist, it was determined that Grant would be subject to close scrutiny and random searches of his belongings.

During follow-up interviews and counseling sessions, Grant said he had deep admiration for the Columbine High School shooters and displayed a lack of empathy.

Further, while in class Grant claimed he had researched a specific teacher’s home address and what vehicles they owned. Multiple students reported to the LCSO that Grant had made threats to shoot up the school, and that Grant claimed he had a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook which contains knowledge on how to create bombs. The students also told deputies that Grant claimed he owned a shotgun.

According to the LCSO press release: Additional documents were discovered, one of which read, “I (expletive) hate this (expletive) school. It’s pure existence pisses me off. Everybody here needs to die. (Expletive) humanity, (expletive) society, (expletive) life. Soon, I will become a god, and I will release my wrath on this (expletive) school soon.”

The student was Baker Acted on September 12 and released yesterday, where he was immediately arrested on two felonies – Send Written Threat to Conduct Mass Shooting… and… False Report, Use a Firearm in a Violent Manner.

The Gateway Sun is normally not in the business of publishing children’s mugshots on our website, however the Sheriff’s office released the photo and we’ve already seen it on multiple other local media outlets. Given the serious nature of the situation, we decided to publish it as well to inform the public.


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