ELECTION PROMISE KEPT: Lowest assessment increase since 2015

Posted on July 19, 2019, 10:01 am
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At the first Board of Supervisors meeting following the November 2018 elections, candidate Jim Brann congratulated Vice-Chairman Bill Guy (who had just defeated Brann) and Supervisor Doug Banks on their election victories.

Near the end of his speech, Brann looked at Banks and reminded the newly re-elected Supervisor that during the campaign Banks promised that he would do all he could to keep the fiscal 2020 assessment increase below 10%.

As of now, it appears that promise will be kept.

According to the most recent tentative budget, Gateway CDD assessments will be rising 8.27% for the majority of homeowners in Gateway to $655.31 in 2020.

This follows increases of 16.55% in 2019, 18.17% in 2018 and 17.88% in 2017 by the current board. A previous board had overseen a 10.91% increase in 2016 and 3.45% in 2015.

While the natural reaction might be to decry more taxes, the Gateway CDD was so pitifully underfunded a few years ago that left the current Supervisors with no other logical choice than to raise assessments each year so they ensure the district was properly funded.

Hopefully the situation remains such that smaller assessment increases, if there’s any increase at all, become the new normal.

There will be a public hearing on August 15, 2019 where residents will have the opportunity to be heard about the budget. A vote to approve the tentative FY2020 budget is expected on that date as well.

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