Three more Gartner buildings planned at RSW?

Posted on July 18, 2019, 12:21 pm
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The Lee County Sun, our sister publication, has learned that plans to develop the Southwest Florida International Airport property are far more advanced and aggressive than is generally known. As part of that plan, Gartner is believed to be looking to build up to three new buildings on the airport property along Paul J. Doherty Boulevard.

The company already has two buildings at 13200 Paul J. Doherty on the airport property, along with occupying two large buildings along Gateway Boulevard, with another facility dubbed the Gartner Training Center nearby.

It’s not known if Gartner’s plan would be to move their staff from Gateway Boulevard to the airport property, or if the company plans to expand their workforce in Southwest Florida and the new buildings would be filled through a hiring spree.

Details about the newest Gartner buildings at RSW are scarce, but we believe the location will be across the street from where they already are, and that two of the three buildings will mirror their existing buildings at RSW.

We will report more when we find out more.

It should be noted that neither RSW nor Gartner have verified this information to our knowledge, therefore you should treat this as a “rumor” for the time being. (Although let’s face it, we’re right a lot more often than we’re wrong about this stuff.)

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