Since the summer we’ve been hearing that the leadership in Pelican Preserve was developing a political operation to campaign on behalf of their resident, Vice-Chairman Bill Guy, who is running for re-election for Gateway’s Board of Supervisors.

From what we’ve been told the campaign strategy they’ve devised far exceeds anything you would expect for a local district race. Their main mission? To generate turn-out in their community … expecting that the majority of the votes cast would be for Guy.

And while I have no official confirmation of this, it does seem as though the Guy campaign has aligned itself with the campaign to re-elect Supervisor Doug Banks. Guy and Banks are running for Seats 4 and 5 respectively on the same board in the Gateway Services District.

An informal deal among the incumbents, perhaps? Banks delivers the Gateway vote, while Guy delivers the Pelican vote, and both men sail through together to election day victories on November 6?

To be fair, this apparent arrangement only came together after the two challengers — Jim Brann and Delores Linscott – had obviously formed an alliance of their own. Brann is running against Guy, while Linscott is running against Banks.

At any rate, it now seems that the Pelican Preserve campaign efforts may be bearing fruit.

According to Lee Elections, as of 9:08am this morning Precinct 36 – which is where Pelican Preserve residents vote – had 4,673 votes cast by mail and early voting. That’s by far the highest in Lee County. In fact the second and third highest precincts in the county had 2,048 and 1,966 at the time.

Gateway’s two precincts had 1,566 and 756 early and mail votes.

We have no proof that Pelican’s efforts to get out the vote are the reason for the heavy early turn-out in that precinct. But we suspect that it is.

Either way, these numbers from Lee Elections definitely aren’t good news for Linscott, and especially not for Brann.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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