The following statement was created and published by Gateway Services District Vice-Chairman Bill Guy who is seeking re-election for Seat 4 on the Board of Supervisors. We present his statement without comment.


Incumbent Bill Guy is seeking your informed VOTE for his re-election on November 6th, 2018 for seat 4


  • How Bill Guy differs from his opponent:
  • Gateway Services District simply cannot borrow its way out of any operational or capital deficiencies. This concept will cost Gateway residents more in interest and principal payments
  • Proposed revenue from increased impact fees on new home owners might have a negative impact on the sale of these homes
  • Proposed revenue from additional loans and bond issues will have a negative impact on the sale of existing homes
  • Quoting Assessment INCREASES in terms of percentages is misleading in that the increases for 2019 are $85.67/year (or $7.14/month) for Gateway & $89.82 (or $7.49/month) for Pelican Preserve
  • Touting an intent to reallocate more expenses to Pelican is not practical as all comparable expenses would likely result in an overall increase to Gateway residents. The CDD operates most efficiently and appropriately when costs are shared. As of today, Pelican’s owners are assessed at a higher rate than other Gateway communities.
  • Bill Guy is committed to the following:
  • All Supervisors serve the entire Gateway & Pelican Preserve communities on an at-large basis. Bill will work tirelessly, along with his fellow Supervisors, to promote an agenda which best addresses the Gateway District’s issues as a whole voting for what is best for the entire community.
  • Analyze the assessment methodology study when completed to determine that Assessments are allocated fairly to all taxpayers
  • Being fiscally responsible with your tax dollars
  • Continue Support of the Sherman Soccer Complex to ensure there will always be many activities for our youth and residents of all ages
  • Recent Board accomplishments that Bill is proud ofRemember The Board operates as a team
  • Reorganization of the management structure to operate more efficiently with internal staff vs relying on an outside management firm
  • Conversion of the Gateway pool to natural gas at an annual savings of $25,000
  • Establishment of a priorities list and pending installation of computer software to manage projects
  • Addressed the need to establish and maintain suitable Reserves and Borrowings at favorable rates
  • Developed protocol for regular maintenance of storm water drains & pipes. Working with the Southwest Water Management District to address a host of storm water issues
  • Managing efficient use of cash flow to assure adequate availability throughout the year


Checks can be mailed to Bob Geppert, Treasurer; 9298 Breno Drive; Fort Myers, FL 33913 – Visit us on Facebook Bill’s our Guy

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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