With a little over two weeks remaining until the mid-term elections something unexpected has happened.

Gateway Services District Seat 4 candidate Jim Brann has gone silent for a prolonged period.

He’s fine, I believe and hope, since he was in attendance at the Board of Supervisors meeting two days ago.

At first I chalked up the silence to the rumor I’d heard from a reliable source: that Brann was kicked off Nextdoor.com for violating their policies against political campaigning.

As it turns out, Nextdoor’s rules do prohibit people (even candidates) from political campaigning on the Nextdoor website, as well as individuals urging that people vote in favor of specific candidates or issues.

Brann was hardly alone in doing that, and I myself probably need to apologize to Nextdoor and its users if I happen to be guilty of discussing the Gateway elections in such a way that contradicts their rules. I’m pretty sure nobody knew, and I’m 100% positive nobody meant any harm by it.

Nevertheless, Brann’s silence has gone on long enough that it’s now newsworthy. And it goes beyond one social media site. It’s entirely possible he’s laying low for the time being with a plan to launch an all-out assault in the final week or 10 days.

This publication has noted on several occasions how hard Brann has worked to spread his message, so it stands out to me that he’s gone dark for this long regardless of the reason.

We’re looking forward to seeing Brann’s final push before election day.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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