Yesterday this publication posted an article about the Gateway Soccer Association and Gateway Flag Football League supporting the re-elections of Vice-Chairman Bill Guy and Supervisor Doug Banks.

We wrote that the endorsements weren’t surprising considering that their election challengers were proposing a new $50 fee that would be levied against players who play in those leagues but aren’t Gateway residents.

One of the challengers, Delores Linscott, confronted us on social media, saying “Where have I ever said I would raise fees?”

“Quit putting words in my mouth,” Linscott added.

I was confused, because in an email purportedly sent by both challengers, Linscott and Jim Brann, to the Gateway Soccer Association – and then distributed by Brann at this past Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Linscott was directly quoted as saying the following:

“When elected I, Delores Linscott, the challenger for Seat 5 will support the Gateway Soccer Association with my actions! We need to make sure that all families who pay to participate in Gateway Soccer pay equally, resident and non-residents alike. If you are a resident of Gateway your family cost via assessments is about $50 per year. If you are a non-resident you don’t pay any assessments to Gateway. This is not fair and equitable! When elected I will do all I can to require that non-resident families that participate in in Gateway Soccer pay an annual $50 fee on top of other soccer fees. Fair and equitable.”

I asked Linscott if she wrote that quote.

Replied Linscott: “No I did not!!!”

Oh boy.

Brann had written a quote that was clearly attributed to Linscott, and appearing as though it came from Linscott, and distributed it. A copy of which was entered in to the Gateway District’s records from their October 4 meeting.

I called Brann and left a voice mail asking him to clear up this problematic situation, but he never called back. A few hours later I sent him an email asking him to call me, he did not.

One person who saw this unfolding on social media urged Linscott to file an ethics complaint against Brann.

At 5pm yesterday, Brann distributed an altered copy of the Linscott quote on social media, making it no longer appear as though she was personally speaking those words – but leaving in the $50 levy idea in place and attributing it to Linscott.

But it was clear last night that based on conversations Linscott was having on Facebook that Linscott is trying to learn more about the youth leagues, and is sounding sympathetic to the extremely high field rental rates the leagues pay. Linscott said she would reach out to GSA president Mark Allison to find out more.

Early this morning Brann issued a third version of his Gateway Soccer document on, this time completely removing the quote from Linscott.

We’ve heard from people who find it pretty disturbing that Brann would write a paragraph that begins with “When elected I, Delores Linscott, the challenger for Seat 5 …” and then state something as specific as an idea for a $50 levy attributed to Linscott, without Linscott’s approval.

Not only without Linscott’s approval, but an idea Linscott does not even support.

Again, we tried to get Brann’s side of the story but he refused to speak about it.

If one positive thing came out of all this, it’s that Linscott has learned a few things about the Gateway Soccer Association and the Gateway Flag Football League.

Linscott has made it clear there are more important issues that the Gateway District must deal with other than what goes on at the Sherman Soccer Complex, but she is making the effort to better understand the relationships the youth leagues have with the GSCDD.

As for Brann, we request that he stop creating fake statements on behalf of other candidates and distributing them.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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