On September 30, former Supervisor Rod Senior issued a public memo calling out Vice-Chairman Bill Guy and Supervisor Doug Banks for “remorselessly claiming credit for other people’s efforts”.

That memo was then shared by Jim Brann, who is running for Seat 4 against Guy in this November’s election. But while I saw Brann’s post that night, I somehow didn’t see what Senior had wrote until the next morning when a bunch of people had emailed me the link late Sunday and early Monday, asking how the Gateway Sun would respond.

My initial response was …

Gotta wake up Monday morning to this?

But okay, let’s go over Senior’s memo, which we linked to yesterday without even realizing.

Senior (whose words are in bold) began:

I attended the GSCDD Candidates Forum on September 27, 2018 at the Trinity Church and was shocked to hear the two incumbents Bill Guy and Doug Banks remorslessly claiming credit for other people’s efforts.

I did not attend that forum, but I did have an audio recording of the event submitted to me.

Senior wrote about several issues that upset him, including:

“Bill Guy had the effrontery to claim credit for resolving the highly contentious Royal Palms issue in 2015.”

“Bill Guy also had the audacity to claim credit for getting Natural Gas installed at the Gateway Commons Pool.”


“Bill Guy should not try to claim a morsel of credit for this huge payback initiative.”

Eh, I get what Senior is saying, but … Senior presented the situation in his memo as though Guy personally took credit for all those things, but Guy never did that. Guy was clear in his language that these were group decisions, with Guy using the word “we” over and over again.

There are five members of the Board of Supervisors so any decision that is implemented must be agreed to upon by at least three members.

When Guy said “we” it was in regards to either the Board of Supervisors or the Gateway District as a whole. Guy did not attempt to claim any personal credit that we heard, but rather Guy attempted to convey progress the district board and staff had achieved as a team.

From Senior’s perspective, Senior believes that Guy was trying to take credit for improvements that Guy wasn’t responsible for.

As for Senior’s accusations about Supervisor Banks … Senior wrote:

“Doug Banks overtly claimed credit for putting in place a new Organization Structure for GSCDD, which includes GSCDD severing ties with Severn Trent Management Company and instead GSCDD hiring its own District Manager, with three business lines reporting to him – Utilities Manager, Public Works Manager, and Office Manager. ….. If anyone deserves credit for implementing my GSCDD Organization Structure, it is Joe DeCerbo. Doug Banks should not be claiming credit for the work of others. That is plagiarism.”

I called DeCerbo today.

He was surprised to hear what Senior said.

Seperately to my phone call, DeCerbo emailed Banks today and told Banks that “The residents of Gateway are fortunate to have you share your knowledge and expertise by serving on the Board, and I wish you the best of luck in your re-election efforts. You are good for Gateway!”

DeCerbo told me he would not endorse or support any specific candidate, but that he would send me a statement in the morning.

So we’ll wait for that statement to delve deeper in to Senior’s accusations against Banks.

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