The following statement was published by Jim Brann, candidate for GSCDD Seat 4. We are presenting his post without comment. There is a link to a document published by former Supervisor Rod Senior contained within. The “paid for by Jim Brann” statement at the end was part of Brann’s original statement. Brann is not a paid political advertiser in the Gateway Sun.


Dear Resident,

At the Thursday, September 27th ‘Meet the Candidates’ Event sponsored by Gateway Greens, the two incumbents made multiple assertions about their accomplishments.  Many just weren’t true.  Click HERE to see the comments provided by prior GSCDD Board Supervisor Rod Senior.  SHAME ON THEM!  (Please note that Mr. Senior has given his consent to include his comments and name in this email.)

On Saturday, September 29th,  the incumbent for Seat 4 (Bill Guy), who lives in Pelican Preserve and pays NO tax assessments to support the Gateway Soccer, Parks and Recreation, Landscaping and Streets and associated assets,  was SHAMELESSLY campaigning at the Soccer Park.  Did he tell anyone that he lives in Pelican Preserve and does not support the Soccer Park with his taxes? SHAME ON HIM!

The November 6th General Election gives you the opportunity to elect two new GSCDD Board members to represent ALL communities within the District.  Whether you vote via mail-in, early or election day, YOUR vote for me will make a difference for YOU.  Between now and then I will stay engaged at the Board of Supervisors’  bi-monthly meetings; listening, learning and, when appropriate, speaking.

Please feel free to send me your thoughts and questions about Gateway!  In addition, if you would like to help make a bigger difference in Gateway, please contribute to my campaign by clicking HERE.  Name recognition is important and I need your help to gain recognition in Gateway.
Remember to VOTE – Jim Brann, Seat 4 on November 6 to represent YOU in Gateway!


Jim Brann
Candidate Seat 4
Gateway Services CDD
It Takes MORE than ONE!

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jim Brann for Gateway CDD Supervisor Seat 4.  ©2018 Jim Brann

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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