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Since the start of the campaign this I’ve been asking what I personally feel is one of the key questions in the race for Seat 4 on the Gateway District’s Board of Supervisors: While it’s widely accepted the current five-member board is on a good roll, what exactly did current Vice-Chairman Bill Guy help to accomplish during his first term from 2011 to 2014?

Instead of continuing to wonder aloud on the web, I figured I’d just ask him directly for an answer.

And since I was emailing him anyway, I asked Guy if he could finish his statement from the September 12 “Meet the Candidates” event when he said he would explain why his was seeking a third term. Guy was cut off mid-answer, because there was a strict 2-minute per answer limit.

Well, as it turns out, the “what did the board really get done during your first term?” question was a good one.

Guy told us via email that he started to write out his response but he had to stop once he realized that the accomplishments of the past completely paled in comparison to what’s been done in recent years. He also said that a lot of what he wrote amounted to unproductive finger pointing at the former Chairman of that time.

It sounded like Guy didn’t want to go down that path, calling it “ancient history”.

While it seems like Guy is avoiding the question about his first term, reading between the lines I feel that he’s actually answering by simply saying, “I agree. It wasn’t pretty.”

Moving on to our question about the third term, Guy explained that he really liked the direction the Board of Supervisors was leading Gateway, and Guy wanted to be a part of even more progress in the coming years.

The Vice-Chairman offered two specific items he wants to see more of in his potential third term.

First: “Insist that the engineer, attorney and manager work together and provide the board with well-reasoned written recommendations including how to finance them.”

Second: “Continue to hold Lennar accountable for their mistakes.”


The board already attempts to have the engineer, attorney and District Manager work together to provide the Supervisors with reasoned recommendations. The “how to finance them” part .. not so much. If I understand correctly, Guy seems to feel the various entities who advise the board could improve the over-all situation by working more cohesively, and by providing information specific to financing projects.

As for holding Lennar accountable? That in itself could become it’s own local gossip blog.

But to Guy’s point, the days of Lennar pushing the GSCDD around have been over for at least a year. It’s been another refreshing improvement for which the entire current board deserves credit for. Gone are the days when Lennar waltzed in to the room to a quintet of nodding-and-agreeing heads.

For Lennar, working with the GSCDD is like pulling teeth. Just as it should be.

Now … as part of his response, Guy did write me some pretty good stuff about his second term and we’ll definitely get to all that another day. But I had asked him about specifically his first and third term, so I wanted to focus this article on those answers.

Jim Brann, who is running against Guy in the Seat 4 election, publicly echoed my concerns about Guy’s first term at the September 12 candidates event.

It seems that Brann and I have our response from Guy:

It wasn’t pretty.. but it’s in the past now..

The Sun will write a piece about Guy’s second term as well as a piece about Brann’s role at the HOA level in Hampton Park, then we’ll try to focus on what the candidates plans are for 2019 and beyond.

There’s only about 6 weeks left until the election, and there’s a lot to get to. But at least we can move on from the “First Term” question and focus more on the future.

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