An attempt by the Daniel’s Preserve HOA to take more control over the properties in their community came up well short in a membership vote last night.

You may remember that their HOA was trying to prevent anyone who bought a home from renting it out until they’ve owned the home for two years, as well as limiting the number of rental units in the community to 20%.

There would have been no “grandfathering” in for the existing owners. Instead, the rules would have been changed for the entire community – meaning that people who bought their homes with one set of rules would have had new restrictions placed on them that they never agreed to or even imagined.

According to, the Daniel’s Preserve community has 215 homes. So under the Florida Statutes any changes to the Home Owner’s Association’s “governing documents” would require that 144 homeowners (two-thirds) agreed to the changes.

We’ve heard that either 57 or 60 homeowners voted in favor of the changes. Either way it was well short of 144. (This assumes, of course, that Daniel’s Preserves’ docs don’t provide for a different percentage than what’s stated in FS720.)

Additionally we heard that the HOA board’s president, Paul Mazurkewitz was … himself … at the meeting. The Gateway Sun has learned that a group of residents may now be exploring recalling Mazerkewitz. An HOA board member can be recalled by majority vote of the homeowners for any reason once they’ve completed 25% of their term. Only 22 homeowners would need to fill out recall ballots to get the process underway.

Regardless of anything else, we’ve heard 54% of the homeowners cast a vote. That’s actually a pretty good number and we congratulate the HOA board on the high turnout.

And while the 57 or 60 of you won’t see it this way right now: No matter what rules are in place, with over 200 homes you will always have at least a few problems. Implementing these changes would not have solved anything, but they could have (and almost certainly would have) created financial hardships for some homeowners in the future.

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