Nobody would blame Supervisor Doug Banks if he felt insulted that a group of 15 to 20 people hatched a secret plan to get him removed from his position on the Gateway District board.

And nobody would be shocked if Banks was angry that his fellow board member Supervisor Ed Tinkle was pleading with people to run against Banks in the 2018 election, again to remove him from that very same Gateway board.

But Banks says he doesn’t feel insulted, or angry.

In fact, he told the Gateway Sun that he doesn’t take any of it to heart.

“Maybe I’m a bit naive but I prefer to see the best in people,” said Banks. “So I don’t think [Tinkle’s actions] are an attack on me as a person.”

That said, Banks is confused by Tinkle’s active role in working to have Banks ousted. Banks told the Sun that more often than not, Banks and Tinkle vote along the same lines.

That may be true, but earlier this year Banks made one of the three crucial votes to stall the Lake Bank Restoration Project – the project that some could argue has been Tinkle’s main priority for years. Banks’ vote may have saved each Gateway household several thousand dollars.

Banks also is extremely unlikely to vote for Tinkle to be the GSCDD Chairman, possibly another point of contention for Tinkle.

And as far as the shenanigans from Delores Linscott and the Gateway Greens cabal?

Banks shrugs it off.

“You gotta earn your spot,” said Banks, showing that Banks has no illusions that the public will simply hand him a new four-year term as a Supervisor. And if that means taking on a team of 15 or 20 people, Banks feels he’ll be ready.

Rather than worrying about the shady back-room plotting his political opponents are engaging in, Banks will be focusing on what he has to do in order to secure the opportunity to serve Gateway residents.

Banks has yet to formally start campaigning, but these campaigns for local offices normally don’t get going until around Labor Day so he has plenty of time.

Vice-Chairman Bill Guy has not begun campaigning yet either, but he confirmed to the Sun that he intends to operate a campaign. Meanwhile, it’s been well documented what Team Linscott is up to, and Jim Brann is running around Gateway like a madman trying to form 1,001 alliances in every corner of the community. Brann is even campaigning while on GSCDD property at district meetings, which is a bad look for any candidate, but I don’t believe there’s anything illegal about it.

For now, though, Supervisor Banks says he’s well aware of the attacks on him.. but from what we can tell he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

Banks knows he has a job to do for the people of Gateway… and that job continues at 3pm today, at the meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

I’m not sure I would remain so composed if it were me. But perhaps Banks’ demeanor and reaction to the silliness says everything we need to know about him.

It really is stunning to watch the lengths that the Linscott cabal and Tinkle are willing to go to have Banks replaced. But Banks legitimately does not seem to be phased by it.

In fact Banks defended Tinkle to me. I couldn’t believe it.

He said he didn’t think Tinkle meant anything personal, as I wrote in the article.

Perhaps Supervisor Tinkle can observe and consider Banks’ response, and then Tinkle can use it as an opportunity to learn something about Banks – and about himself.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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