We have some Supervisor-on-Supervisor violence to report.

Not physical violence, obviously. But definitely some pretty vicious back-stabbing among Gateway’s leaders.

The Gateway Sun has learned that prior to the secret meetings of the Gateway Greens cabal, Supervisor Ed Tinkle repeatedly urged GSCDD board candidate Jim Brann to try and remove Supervisor Doug Banks from Gateway’s board by running against Banks for Seat 5 in the 2018 election.

There can be no stronger slap in the face by one Supervisor toward another than this.

Prior to writing the article, I knew I had a tough phone call to make.

I felt Supervisor Banks shouldn’t have to find out about this by reading it on the Internet.

So I called Banks to tell him what Tinkle had done, and that the whole thing was confirmed by Brann himself.

After hearing about Tinkle’s attack on him, Banks paused a few seconds and simply said, “Good to know.”

Not much more needed to said, so we ended the call.

It was a brief chat and it was certainly awkward. But I couldn’t help but notice that Banks didn’t seem at all surprised.

As I’ve gone to some lengths to show the community, this is actually part of an escalating pattern of behavior from Tinkle.

So please indulge me for a few paragraphs here… the time has come to clear something up…

Some of you may recall one or two months ago when Vice-Chairman Bill Guy publicly accused Tinkle of calling the other board members “morons”. Chairman Margaret Fineberg echoed Guy’s accusation, saying that she had also heard Tinkle made similar insulting remarks.

Rather than admit or deny the accusation, Tinkle demanded to know Guy’s source. Guy refused to provide that information. I published a video of the exchange on the Sun‘s Facebook page, for anyone who might be interested.

While I want to stress that I was not Guy’s source (or Fineberg’s source or anyone’s source) … I can confirm that Tinkle made those insults.

And I can confirm that because Tinkle said those same exact things about the other board members to me.

Tinkle called the other Supervisors “morons”. He used that exact word.

Tinkle also accused the other four board members of “showing up unprepared for the meetings, just so they can collect their checks and go home.”

At the time I thought it was funny. I felt Tinkle was just venting. I didn’t think he actually meant it.

Now though, with Tinkle’s behind-the-scenes activities to take stronger control of Gateway’s board coming to light, I felt it was appropriate to finally confirm that Guy’s information about Tinkle’s behavior was completely accurate.

Tinkle can no longer hide behind the cloud of doubt that he created because nobody was initially willing to come out and say it.

Because I am.

I’m putting my name on it.

Tinkle absolutely said those things. To me, and apparently to others as well.

It happened.

It happened exactly how Guy and Fineberg accused Tinkle. And Tinkle was simply too cowardly to admit it when he was asked about it.

It’s important that the other four Supervisors have this information at this time because 1) Tinkle has displayed open disdain during GSCDD meetings that he’s not getting his way with the other board members; and 2) now it’s obvious that Tinkle is trying to replace sitting board members who disagree with Tinkle with people that he can manipulate either directly or indirectly at arm’s length.

Tinkle is attempting to assume control of the Gateway District, and he’s using the 2018 election to do it.

Remember when we urged a leave of absence or even a resignation from Tinkle because he’s acting out in crazy ways?

More to follow. Stay tuned.

I know many of you reading this aren’t up on the day-to-day goings on at the GSCDD like this publication is.

So if you’re reading this and wondering what this article even means, I don’t blame you. But I want to stress to you that this particular article is really important if you live in Gateway.

The Gateway District is run by five elected members of a “Board of Supervisors” who each serve four-year terms. Three of the board members run for office during the Presidential election years, and the other two run during the mid-term election years.

The problem is that we have a Supervisor named Ed Tinkle whose term is from 2016 to 2020 who is actively trying to take control of the Gateway District. He’s doing so by stacking the board with people he feels can be controlled by him. Specifically Jim Brann and Delores Linscott.

After working with Bill Guy and Doug Banks for the past 2 years, Tinkle knows he can’t control either of those men. So they need to go, in Tinkle’s mind.

And if Tinkle can replace them with two people he controls he would have the minimum 3 votes required to implement his agenda. Tinkle would have total control over Gateway’s finances as well, so he could implement his vision.

The way Tinkle is behaving lately we don’t know exactly what that vision might be. Based on his voting record, however, we know it’ll be expensive for Gateway residents.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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