Well… in terms of surprising revelations, this one is right up there.

A source with knowledge of The Club at Gateway (nee the Gateway Golf & Country Club) has revealed to the Gateway Sun that membership levels within the club have dwindled to a number between 250 and 275 members.

It’s a stunning fall from grace, especially when you consider that according to a different source the GG&CC had over 600 members at its peak, which was within the past decade. The second source also told the Sun a few years ago that a magic number of sorts existed at 400 members, at which point the club would not generate enough revenue to meet its financial obligations. It’s important to note however that the 400 members threshold was prior to the club being sold.

Indeed, this publication has chronicled what we and others described as a “downward death spiral” at the golf club for years now. Unfortunately, our predictions became a reality and the club’s members were forced to put the club up for sale last year. This was despite assurances from people who claimed to be familiar with the situation told us we were wrong in regards to our coverage of the financial status of the club.

During the sale process, multiple purchase offers were received for the club and it was eventually sold to a group led by the GG&CC’s former manager, Jimmy Lynn.

The new ownership group has a lot of work to do after the rapid decline in membership levels. More than one person familiar with the GG&CC told the Sun that the club would eventually have to become a public golf course.

Conversely, this publication was also told that the new ownership group who bought The Club at Gateway have assured the members it will remain a private course.

So we have conflicting predictions, but so far the current owners kept their promise and the club has remained private in the 3 or 4 months since the deal closed.

For the members’ sake, let’s hope that the club’s new ownership and management can restore Gateway’s only golf course to the prestige and respect they once enjoyed.

But dropping from 600 members to as low as possibly 250 members means they have a long way to go to get back to where they once were.

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