Oh geeze. Poor Stoneybrook.

Over the years this publication has had some fun at the expense of the Stoneybrook HOA board members. Not the residents, mind you. We think the world of Stoneybrook residents, it’s just their HOA board we have issues with.

But according to the Lee County Elections website, one candidate for the Gateway District is campaigning to, and this is a direct quote: “reduce the dominance of the Stoneybrook community” in Gateway matters.

The Gateway Sun can confirm that the information published on the Lee Elections website is authentic.

As the best (and only) beat writer covering the Gateway District, as well as the best (and only) analyst of the district, I found it surprising that someone running for the Board of Supervisors would believe that residents of one community enjoyed extra influence – let alone dominance – over the GSCDD’s decisions. This publication has observed no such favoritism toward Stoneybrook or any one specific community from the Supervisors.

But there it is. Published as part of the Gateway Greens cabal’s chosen candidate, Delores Linscott.

So far the shadowy campaign group haven’t come out and directly attacked any other communities as part of their official platform. Just Stoneybrook for now.

Still, it’s an odd tactic for a politician and their team to use as part of an election strategy. It may have something to do with the fact that their opponent in the GSCDD election is a Stoneybrook resident — Supervisor Doug Banks. The Gateway Greens team may believe that Banks will carry the Stoneybrook vote anyway, so there’s no need to pander to them.

Other elements of the Linscott/Gateway Greens platform were less controversial. They want to have safe streets, enhance the landscaping, and help Gateway live “within the financial means of the community.”

It should be noted that the attack on Stoneybrook was actually the second highest priority listed on the cabal’s campaign disclosure.

The highest priority listed on their platform is to let the Gateway community know that they are, again, direct quote: “Not driven by personal agenda.”

That is actually completely true, because Linscott has told the Sun that her candidacy is being driven by a group of people from Gateway Greens, not just one person. That agenda, as we have previously reported using information directly from the campaign, is to make the Gateway Greens community the GSCDD’s number one priority over all other communities.

But … technically … since it is a group agenda, then by definition it cannot be a personal agenda. So the Linscott/Gateway Greens campaign gets maximum points for accuracy and irony on that public disclosure.

The election for GSCDD Seat 5 between Banks and the cabal will take place as part of the midterm elections on November 6, 2018.

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