School grades have been released by the Florida Department of Education, and one Gateway school has a lot to be proud of.

Gateway Charter Elementary School saw its FDOE grade improve from a “C” in 2017 to an “A” this year. It’s the first time since 2012 that the school has been rated as an “A” school. Improving from a “C” to an “A” in just one year is quite an accomplishment by both the faculty and the students. Nice job by everybody.

Gateway Charter Intermediate School, which teaches children from grades 6 through 8, maintained their “B” grade for the fourth straight year. The middle school also last had an “A” grade in 2012.

Gateway Charter High School also last had an “A” grade in 2012, however this year they received a “C” grade. It’s the fourth consecutive year that the high school has been graded as a “C” school by FDOE.

All three of Gateway’s charter schools are operated by Charter Schools USA.

Gateway Elementary School – which is operated by the Lee County School District – saw their school grade lowered from a “B” grade in 2017 to a “C” grade in 2018. The public school last had an “A” grade in 2013.

So all in all, Gateway’s schools had one “A” grade, one “B” and two “C” grades. The good news is it’s the first “A” grade that any of the community’s schools have received since 2013.

Hopefully there will be more than one “A” school in 2019.

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