The Gateway Sun has learned that up to 20 residents of the Gateway Greens community held a secret meeting a few weeks ago with a specific goal in mind.

And that goal, which we can confirm, is to direct as many GSCDD resources and assessment dollars as possible to their own community. They want to ensure that Gateway Greens is taken care of before anybody else.

The first step of the plan is to get someone from their group elected to the Board of Supervisors in Seat 5.

The Sun was told that the group had difficulty deciding which one of them would run against the incumbent, Supervisor Doug Banks.

Eventually the group settled on Delores Linscott.

“I did not know until the night before filing that I was the one going to be on the ticket,” Linscott told the Sun via email.

Usually candidates running for the Board of Supervisors are highly motivated to get themselves elected. Candidates are normally extremely excited about the possibilities of helping to oversee the Gateway community. This is the first time we’ve heard of a candidate who was drafted out of a group of unwilling participants because somebody from the group has to run.

Nevertheless, Linscott — and by extension, her secret cabal — are on the ballot this November, running for the GSCDD board.

If elected, Linscott would become the first ever member of the Board of Supervisors who would have her own personal board of advisers.

But there are a few questions that the Linscott/Gateway Greens campaign needs to answer on behalf of Gateway voters.

Who exactly would be controlling Linscott’s votes? Would that group decide what Linscott’s agenda on the board should be? What are the names of all the individuals who were at the meeting where this plan was put in motion?

Now I’m not here to tell you whether you should or should not vote for this group’s candidate.

I’m just trying to articulate exactly what you’d be voting for.

The plan is pretty basic: Take as many GSCDD assessment dollars as possible from every other HOA in Gateway and Pelican Peserve, and divert them for the specific benefit of Gateway Greens homeowners. Or at least make sure that Gateway Greens gets taken care of first and foremost.

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

They want to stack the board in their favor to benefit only one community… their own…

So if you live in Hampton Park or Silverlakes and want your assessment dollars used to improve the Gateway Greens community, you will have that opportunity in November.

Sure, I have a few opinions about this.

But because there is now an official election race for Seat 5, the Sun will operate differently. Specifically, there will be less analysis in our election race coverage than our readers are accustomed to.

That said, everything written above was accurate, which we strive for at all times whether or not we’re covering an election race or a pond bank repair.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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