Several weeks ago at a Gateway Services District meeting, Vice-Chairman Bill Guy publicly called out some inappropriate behavior by Supervisor Ed Tinkle.

It would seem that Tinkle has been calling the rest of the members of the Board of Supervisors “morons” and saying other derogatory things about them.

Tinkle has appeared visibly frustrated in recent months, clearly annoyed that the current group of Supervisors do not share his vision or fully support some of the initiatives that Tinkle has proposed for the community.

According to Guy, Tinkle has reacted by bashing his fellow board members in private conversations, and those conversations have reached Guy.

Rather than admit or apologize for anything, Tinkle instead demanded to know the name of Guy’s source. When Guy refused to name drop, Tinkle immediately rejected Guy’s accusations as unsubstantiated.

But then Chairman Margaret Fineberg offered that she had also heard that Tinkle was calling the other board members childish names.

The disrespect shown by Tinkle to the other board members has become too much for the board. At a recent budget meeting, Fineberg had to prevent Tinkle from interrupting her yet again by telling Tinkle “at least let me finish speaking before you tell me I’m wrong.”

It’s surprising behavior by a grown man like Tinkle for many obvious reasons. Not the least of which is there’s supposed to be a level of decorum and mutual respect between Supervisors.

But there’s another less obvious reason that Tinkle’s insults don’t seem to make much sense: Tinkle desperately wants to be the GSCDD’s Chairman.

In order to become the Chairman three things must happen. First, a change in the members of the Board of Supervisors needs to occur which under Florida law would trigger the process to appoint a new Chairman. Second, a board member must nominate you to be Chairman. And third, at least two other Supervisors must vote for you. (You can vote for yourself to be Chairman to provide the third vote, which actually happens every time.)

As to the first part, the Gateway Sun can confirm that Tinkle is actively working to oust one or more of the Supervisors who are up for election — which would automatically give Tinkle the chance to become Chairman.

We’ll say that again: Tinkle has done specific things that constitute direct action that Tinkle hopes will help lead to the removal of one or more of the current Supervisors from the board.


I believe that Tinkle realizes it’s his last real opportunity to become the Gateway Chairman.

But as for the second and third things that Tinkle would need to happen, there is exactly zero chance that any of the sitting board members would either nominate or vote for Tinkle.

Lucky for Tinkle … two of those board members are up for election in November. Just the number he would need.

Jim Brann is running for Seat 4 and Delores Linscott is running for Seat 5. Brann and Tinkle have been friendly toward each other for years, and … I’m extremely skeptical but … I’ve been speaking to Linscott a little bit the past few days, and she absolutely insists that her and Tinkle are now on fantastic terms. Which is remarkably good timing for Tinkle.

To be clear, Fineberg could once again be named Chairman. It’s just that she would have to be nominated and voted for by the new board. But if Linscott and Brann both won, and Tinkle’s new BFF Delores Linscott nominated Tinkle, while also securing Brann’s vote – Gateway would officially have Chairman Ed Tinkle.

Granted, this Chairman thing may be a figment of my imagination. But it’s the only thing that makes any sense.

What is not my imagination is that Tinkle is working behind the scenes trying to have one or more current Supervisors removed from the board.

Right now, I can’t be more specific. (Florida also has a shield law, so Tinkle can’t make me be more specific either.) And while this publication can be abrasive toward the board, they know I do not lie.

If anyone has a better explanation than this being Tinkle’s last grasp at the Chairman’s seat, I’d love to hear it. Guy and Tinkle do go at each other during board meetings, but it’s sometimes healthy banter and the pair can co-exist. And why else would Tinkle want Supervisor Doug Banks off the board? Tinkle is the driving force behind key projects such as the new park and administrative building. Banks is supportive of both, primarily the administrative building.

This pattern of behavior from Tinkle has reached the point where it’s not only a distraction, it’s concerning. It seems as though anything less than full autonomy and control over the Gateway Services District is unacceptable to Tinkle.

As Tinkle is becoming less and less persuasive to the current Supervisors, he is escalating his attacks on them and even trying to replace them. Tinkle calling other board members “morons” did not even warrant a news article, but trying to remove another board member warrants a formal resolution to both record and denounce Tinkle’s behavior.

Tinkle has waited many years for this opportunity to be a Supervisor, and would deeply cherish being the Chairman, and now that his time is here and things are not unfolding the way he had envisioned he is lashing out.

Tinkle has become such a toxic entity at 13240 Griffin Drive that he should give serious consideration to taking a leave of absence, or even resigning.

At bare minimum he needs to either own up to his actions — or to deny the accusations made against him by Guy, Fineberg and now the Sun.

But one thing is certain, this issue cannot linger. It must be addressed if the board is going to be able to move forward and continue to do their work on behalf of Gateway.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Sun is aware of the tragic incident that took place on Gateway Boulevard on Saturday. WINK News and others have already covered the key details. The Sun sent a request in to the LCSO for their official report – but they responded that they only provided traffic control, and referred us to the Florida Highway Patrol. Once we get in all the relevant documents we will produce an article.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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