As you may have noticed, new street lights were installed along Griffin Drive earlier this year.

People who enjoy walking along Griffin at night are delighted to have them there as they provide all the benefits that you would expect, including making it easier to see and improving safety.

The lights use LED technology, which as we all know means a higher up front cost but that money is recouped in the first few years, and then it’s nothing but savings after that.

It’s been a long-time coming and the current Supervisors deserve credit for finally getting it done, and a round of applause for the staff members who put in the leg-work.

However, there is one problem.

And we’re not trying to cast the whole project in a negative .. light .. because the new lights are a good thing and everyone is really happy with them.

Well, almost everyone.

Apparently no shields were put in place to prevent the lights from shining in to the homes and lanais that are basically right up against Griffin Drive. Or if there are light shields, they are insufficient, according to some residents who live in the Hampton Park community.

Hampton Park HOA board member Jim Brann has decided to take up the situation with the owner of the lights, the Gateway Services District.

Brann has started a petition on (we will have a separate Facebook post about the petition tomorrow) which he intends to present at the June 7 GSCDD meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Brann wants the GSCDD to make the necessary changes so that people aren’t bothered by the lights at night.

So far the petition has gathered over 200 signatures.

Petition or no petition, we can all understand that a giant, powerful light shining on to your home would be a disturbance, and could ruin sitting outside on your patio or lanai in the evening.

While Brann will be requesting that the Supervisors direct the staff to take action, this one seems like a case where the staff could just take the initiative and try to solve this on their own.

I was just out on Griffin to grab the picture for this article, so I took a look at all the new lights (there’s like 27 of them) and it didn’t look like any of them had any kind of shielding.

Given that they’re positioned pretty close to houses in Hampton Park (and Silverlakes), I can see some homeowners being bothered by them.

We haven’t heard any complaints from Silverlakes residents yet, but obviously some people in Hampton Park are upset and Brann has agreed to take up their cause.

For those who are interested in seeing and signing Brann’s petition, we will be linking directly to it on our Facebook page tomorrow. Brann would like to see 100 more signatures before Thursday’s meeting, and hopefully for the sake of the affected residents that goal will be reached.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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