It’s been over a year since the Gateway Services District set its policy in regards to street parking in Stoneybrook, and yet the HOA board in that community is still acting stupid — telling people they don’t know whether or not street parking is allowed there.

The stupid fake parking notices continue to be placed on residents’ vehicles who remain on Stoneybrook streets overnight. So new and stupid HOA president JT Thomas may not be much different than the former HOA president, stupid George Flaherty.

Stupid HOA board member Joe Mikulka took to Stoneybrook’s main Facebook page to complain that the GSCDD hasn’t provided direction as to how they want street parking handled in that community.

Except they have.

It was all laid out in April 2017.

But for the benefit of stupid Mikulka, the rest of the stupid HOA board, as well as new and/or stupid Stoneybrook residents who think street parking is not allowed in that community, here is what the GSCDD’s position is:

– The GSCDD owns the roads in Stoneybrook.

– The roads in Stoneybrook are public roads.

– You may park on Stoneybrook roads any day, any time.

– Stoneybrook’s stupid security company are not law enforcement officers and are therefore not qualified to enforce traffic laws.

We have sent Thomas a document containing the A to Z proof that the Stoneybrook HOA has exactly zero authority over the roads there. The fact the security operation is still placing those stupid warning notices on vehicles is further proof of the stupid HOA board members’ desire to create a no street parking policy, even though they know they cannot.

Also, you Stoneybrook residents are stupid for not doing something about your board. One year ago you had a chance to clean house on the board and you didn’t bother to vote, which was stupid. This year you didn’t even bother to run. Also stupid.

You can park on Stoneybrook’s stupid streets 24/7. Period.

But the stupid HOA board has ordered the stupid security company to put stupid fake notices on your car if you do.

JT Thomas is stupid if he thinks he’s fooling anyone that it’s not his fault. The fake notices can stop any time, all he has to do is tell the security company to knock it off. But the board doesn’t want the stupidity to stop. They want to pretend they have control over Stoneybrook’s roads that the residents of Gateway own, and they don’t want you parking on those roads – even though you’re allowed.

That’s why you don’t get real tickets, or towed, when you park on the Gateway-owned roads of Stoneybrook. Because you’re allowed to park there whenever you want.

Apparently the ushering in of Thomas as the HOA president has not brought about the resident-friendly changes we had hoped for.

This whole street parking thing is just … well … you know.


But you’re also stupid if you believe your HOA board that they don’t know if you’re allowed to street park or not.

They know. They’ve known for over a year.

They just think you’re stupid and will believe them.

And yes, Sara, I am stating that the public is allowed to enter Stoneybrook any time they want. Because they’re publicly-owned roads.

The stupid security gate at Stonebrook is illegal, it’s just that nobody has done anything about it. I’m certainly not going to do anything about it, because aside from the stupid HOA board members and a few stupid residents, the people of Stoneybrook are good people and don’t deserve to be harassed by the HOA.

Want the stupid publicity about parking to stop? Have the security operation stop issuing those stupid fake parking tickets.


Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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