Traffic engineers with the Florida Department of Transportation have determined that a typical intersection set-up cannot accommodate the traffic levels at SR-82 and Daniels during rush hour.

In other news, water is wet.

To solve the traffic situation, FDOT is building Florida’s first ever “Continuous Flow Intersection”.

According to a video released by FDOT, the strategy behind the CFI is to queue up left-turning traffic from SR-82 on to both Daniels Parkway and Gunnery Road several hundred feet in advance, and then have them make their left turns before they even hit the main intersection.

FDOT says that similar intersections have been in use elsewhere in the United States and they seem to work well.

There’s no doubt that the intersection looks odd, will take some getting used to, and it wasn’t really explained why this set-up works better, but I say screw it — it’s worth a shot. Plus FDOT says it’s way cheaper than building and maintaining an over-pass.

As part of the construction of the CFI, traffic will be blocked going from SR-82 on to Daniels and Gunnery (and vice versa) during the May 18-20 weekend. We’ll detail that closure in a separate article next week.

In Gateway, there’s been a domino effect of the SR-82 widening project.

It turns out that residents trying to get from Lehigh Acres to Fort Myers and back have been avoiding the construction traffic by cutting through Gateway. This has exasperated both the issues at the Gateway Boulevard and Griffin Drive intersection in the mornings, and at the Stoneybrook light heading from Gateway Boulevard on to SR-82 during the drive home.

Additionally, traffic is now building up on Griffin Drive around dinner time as motorists try to get on to SR-82 from Griffin causing much longer than usual waits.

But as bad as it is in Gateway trying to get on to SR-82, it’s way, way worse at Daniels and SR-82 right now. Sometimes it can take you over 20 minutes to get through that intersection, so that’s probably why Lehigh residents are opting to cut through Gateway.

The CFI cannot be built soon enough, for all involved.

Hang in there.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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