We have some good news to report for Stoneybrook residents:

Although George Flaherty was eligible to remain the president of that community’s Home Owners Association until at least April 2019, the rest of the HOA board decided to make a change in leadership.

Flaherty is out, and realtor J.T. Thomas is in as Stoneybrook HOA president. Thomas had been the community’s Vice-President for at least the past two years.

It’s not a surprising move as Flaherty was a constant source of embarrassment for Stoneybrook. Flaherty was an unpopular HOA president who bullied Stoneybrook residents on a regular basis, even convincing the security contractor to pretend to enforce a non-existent street parking ban – including purchasing fake parking tickets to stick on vehicles.

And yeah it’s true that J.T. can be a bit of a putz sometimes, but to his credit he gives very strong consideration to the so-called “will of the people” when making decisions. He actually listens to what Stoneybrook residents want, rather than always trying to implement his own agenda. That alone should be a refreshing change for the homeowners, especially compared to the past several HOA presidents in that community.

Given the options available to the board — which included keeping Flaherty — I would say the selection of Thomas is a win for the residents.

But, this is the Stoneybrook HOA board we’re talking about here, so you had to know they had to go and do something dumb to offset the reasonably good choice they made.

There was no HOA election in Stoneybrook this year due to the fact that not enough people signed up to run for the seats that were up for election. So with vacant board seats, the remaining board members get to hand pick who fills them. (This is common procedure among HOAs.)

And one of the people they picked was Andy Roosa.

Roosa is best known for going berzerk a few years back when an HOA fine against a Stoneybrook resident was overturned by the HOA board. Roosa was on the Fine Committee at the time, and from what we heard he was so angry that his authority had been undermined that he lashed out on social media and retained an attorney to explore how to re-instate the fine.

You see, Roosa claims to be a walking rule book.

For some reason he prides himself on his apparent familiarity with the section of the Florida Statutes pertaining to HOA matters. (I know. Awesome, right?)

However, Roosa is a phony. He doesn’t care as much about the rules as he says he does.

Because if he was such a stickler for the rules… A) He would know an HOA board can over-rule their Fine Committee, and respect the board when they do; B) Since the fine was for a tailgating infraction, Roosa would know that the gate at Stoneybrook is illegal and shouldn’t be there, so how could there even be a fine in the first place? .. and C) I don’t recall Roosa ever speaking up to fight the HOA board’s previous fake enforcement of the fabricated street parking ban.

So he’s not Mr. Rules at all.

He’s just a guy who blew a gasket because the HOA board that appointed him to the Fine Committee did something reasonable for a change, and decided that a Stoneybrook homeowner wasn’t in the wrong because he wanted to – you know – enter Stoneybrook.

Roosa is just a man who seeks authority by appointments rather than through elections, and then expects that authority to be respected.

So, now that I think about it.. I guess he’ll fit right in on the Stoneybrook HOA board.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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