So what did you do on Easter weekend?

If you’re cool like me, you dug through Lee County ordinances trying to figure out what the hell the property owner of the vacant lot at the northeast corner of Gateway Boulevard and Griffin Drive was up to. (And you also went to Busch Gardens and had a blasty-blast. And came home and had a few drinky-drinks.)

Should you happen to be a professional developer and want to blow what I’m about to say out of the water, please do so. But until that happens here’s my best guess as to what’s going on:

– Gateway was officially created in 1985 by Lee County Ordinance #85-15.

– In that ordinance, a “Town Center” area was formally established which encompassed the plot of land in question.

– As part of the restrictions for the Town Center, no more than 200 multi-family residences could be built in that designated area.

– The greedy SOB developer who owns the plot of land wants to build a four-story complex that could have up to 336 residential units, but they can’t under the existing rules. Therefore they need to amend Lee County Ordinance #85-15 to change their plot of land from being designated as part of the “Town Center” to “Multi-Family” (therefore no longer being subject to the Town Center restrictions) to allow their plan to go through.

A “Public Information Meeting” is going to be hosted on April 10, 2018 at 5pm at the Relevance Community Church on Griffin Drive. At that meeting the developer, represented by development firm Hole Montes, will attempt to dazzle you with what a wonderful addition to the Gateway community this residential complex will be.

If I understand things correctly, the final decision for approval will rest with the Lee County Board of Commissioners.

It is quite likely that the Commissioners are at least aware of this application to change the Gateway DRI, but to our knowledge none of them have spoken publicly about it. We’ll get their comments on the record after Hole Montes makes their formal presentation on April 10.


So I have a few opinions about this project, but I’m going to save them for later this week.

I wanted this article to present what I believe is the purpose of the application itself, and to allow someone with more knowledge of the situation to come along and prove me wrong (thereby giving us more accurate information, if I am wrong).

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