As you’ve probably noticed by now, the Florida Department of Transportation is widening SR-82 just north of Gateway. And if you’ve been out there in the past few days I’m sure you’ve also noticed that a giant wall is being built.

Before you ask… No, the wall is not being built by Kendra to keep children from other neighborhoods out of the Fun Park. Good guess, though.

The wall is being built to keep noise levels from traffic down in the Villages of Stoneybrook.

There has been some speculation that Hampton Park will also be getting a sound wall, but the Gateway Sun has confirmed that they will not. According to someone familiar with the situation, FDOT has performed mathematical models and determined that Hampton Park won’t need a sound wall. Right now if the Hampton Park HOA wants a wall built, they will have to pay for it themselves. The price tag last we heard was an estimated $7 million. But once SR-82 is actually expanded the HOA may want to have formal noise testing done to see if a wall is warranted at the State of Florida’s expense.

As for the wall that is being built … The good news is the residents of the Villages of Stoneybrook won’t have to hear a constant sound of cars whizzing by their community 24 hours a day. The bad news is that for about a dozen families, all they’ll ever see looking out their window is a tall, grey structure that wasn’t there when they moved in.


I was familiar with the Hampton Park HOA (and some of their residents) wanting a wall put up near their community. But it never crossed my mind that one would be built at the Villages of Stoneybrook.

Once I saw the posts going up I was kind of shocked, to be honest. It just looks like the wall is being built so close to some of the buildings.

You have to wonder what it will mean when it comes time to sell those homes or rent them out.

“And here we have a view of … a giant slab of concrete.”

Speaking for myself I would almost prefer the noise than to have no view at all. Or at least to have a giant wall of landscaping instead of the concrete barriers.

Hopefully the Villages of Stoneybrook HOA will have permission from FDOT to grow some kind of plants up against the wall.

I mean we all know SR-82 had to be widened… I was just surprised to see this particular side effect of the project.

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