The Lee County Department of Transportation has established three new “No Parking” zones along Gateway Boulevard.

First, in the northbound direction, it is now illegal to park in front of The Saucy Meatball and federal building. Cars had been parking there ever since the restaurant opened several months ago. Although there were no vehicles spotted there yesterday, plenty of cars were still parked on the grass along Commerce Lakes Drive.

Lee County does not own that section of Commerce Lakes Drive, so they weren’t able to establish a No Parking zone there. However, the Gateway Services District does own that part of the road, and if cars continue to park in that location then look for them to ask the county to establish No Parking zone there as well.

The second northbound No Parking zone was created in front of Brown Academy. This morning when we drove by there was a truck parked there in defiance of the new signs. That car could be ticketed by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, or presumably towed away.

Third, a No Parking zone was created on southbound Gateway Boulevard in front of Alta Resources. This zone was created at the specific request of the GSCDD, who grew tired of the district’s landscaping being damaged by vehicles. For years cars had parked there in order to wait in the parent pick-up line for Gateway Charter High School students. Now, the parents and students will need to find alternate solutions. Hopefully they’re able to do so safely.

Lee County and the GSCDD aren’t the only organizations concerned about parking in Gateway.

Sources within Gartner have told the Gateway Sun that they’re annoyed with staff from the new restaurant parking in parking lots that are supposed to be available for Gartner employees.

Gartner employees are being forced to park further away from the buildings they work in, which isn’t right. But we haven’t heard anything about it for about a month now so maybe it has been dealt with.

While it’s no fun to see all the new No Parking signage along Gateway’s main road, it’s better than seeing all the vehicles that used to park in these locations.


We would have preferred they waited until the school year was over to create the No Parking zone in front of Alta so Gateway Charter could arrange for more busing for next year. But since that organization is notoriously cheap there’s no guarantee they would have done that anyway.

To be fair to the Gateway District, they have been asking Gateway Charter to correct the parent pick-up parking situation for many years. In fact there’s even a legal agreement between the school and the GSCDD stating that the school would sort it out. But either the school hasn’t tried hard enough, or they haven’t been successful.

But with this move by Lee County the point is now moot. And it should solve the parking situation rather quickly, I would say.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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