On February 19, I was one of about four people in the audience for the unsealing of the bids for Phase 2 of the Lake Bank Restoration Project. At that meeting the envelopes containing the bids from 3 different companies were opened and the bid amounts were read aloud by the GSCDD’s engineer.

But today the GSCDD announced that the two out of the three companies had their bids tossed out due to paperwork errors. That leaves only one valid bidder at an amount of $2.1 million to fix all 6 lakes.

To be fair, that’s not the GSCDD’s fault. The bid document packages are relatively large and people were there just to hear who won the bids. There was no time for them to go over the documents with a fine tooth comb to discover the errors at that meeting.

But now… in response to only having one bidder, the GSCDD wants to put the contracts out for bid again.

Oh, except for “Contract 1”.

The district engineer wants Contract 1 to be awarded, despite having only one bidder, but the other contracts? They should all be re-bid.

Contract 1 happens to be the contract that would fix … and this is true … Chairman Margaret Fineberg’s pond.

You can’t make this stuff up.

And yes, Contract 1 has the exact same problems as the other pond bids.

If you had ANY doubts that there needs to be some form of oversight or independent verification when it comes to the Lake Bank Restoration Project, I sincerely hope that those doubts have been erased today.


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