A Gateway woman and her boyfriend went through a terrifying ordeal on Sunday night.

The couple returned to their home at approximately 9:30pm that evening only to discover their dog had somehow gone missing. Nothing else seemed out of place, and the couple had no idea where the dog had went or how it got out of the house.

Later that night while the couple was in bed they received a phone call from one of their neighbors telling them that their front door was wide open. After a search of their home they discovered that one of their flat screen televisions had been neatly disconnected and was laying flat on its face on their entertainment center.

The couple immediately called the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy D. Davis arrived and opened a case file of the incident. The report states that the television was the only item that had been moved by the burglar, and that nothing was missing. Even the woman’s purse was sitting in the open undisturbed. The woman told the deputy that it was possible that the door had been left unlocked.

Undoubtedly rattled, the couple went back to bed after Davis completed his investigation.

Then things got really scary.

The following is from the LCSO report, with all redactions made by the Gateway Sun.

On February 5, 2018, at 0111 hours, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office received a
second call from [REDACTED] reporting that an unknown male just entered her
apartment at [REDACTED] while she and [REDATCED] were sleeping. Deputy
Davis, while still investigating and documenting the incident, returned and met
with [REDACTED].

[REDACTED] said that he was awoken when he heard someone walking up the stairs.
[REDACTED] said that he saw the silhouette of a man at the top of the stairs and
yelled out, then the male fled down the stairway with [REDACTED] in pursuit. [REDACTED]
said that he struggled with the male in the middle of the stairway and received
a small scratch on his forehead, then [REDACTED] fell down the stairs and chased the
male out of the apartment. [REDACTED] said that he chased the male north and between
the buildings where he stopped and returned to the apartment. [REDACTED] said that
the male never spoke.

Six deputies and two K-9 units responded to the scene to try and track the intruder, however they were unsuccessful.

It is unclear if any arrests have been made yet, but we’ll be sure to update you if we learn a suspect has been identified or captured.

The case has been transferred to the LCSO’s Criminal Investigation Department, and has been assigned to a detective.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured.

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