And then there was one.

The Gateway Sun has learned that Verizon Wireless has leased one of the final remaining spaces at the Sky Walk Plaza. Verizon will be opening a storefront location to service their cell phone customers.

That means there’s only one space available at the retail center, which opened just 7 months ago.

According to a statistics website called (and how could we doubt them with a name like that?)… Verizon had 148.87 million subscribers at the end of Q3 2017 and were the number one carrier in the United States.

And we’ve just learned this morning that Verizon performed a secret 5G test in Minnesota during the Super Bowl.

The test involved setting up “a temporary 5G network in the stadium well before the big game began. The company then set to work on stress-testing the network using high-resolution video and virtual reality,” according to (and how could we doubt them with a name like that?)

It is not yet known when their new Gateway store will open. But we’ll be sure to let you know when it does.

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