The month of Janaury was a rough one for the Gateway Services District.

Fortunately, February is already off to a much better start.

As you’ve likely read about in this publication, or saw on television courtesy of NBC-2 News, the GSCDD staff had developled a plan to recommend a re-branding of the community.

The cost for the proposal and planning phases alone was going to be $50,250. That dollar amount caught the attention of Gateway residents who blasted the idea on social media, and who apparently weren’t shy about sharing their opinions with Gateway’s elected officials.

During yesterday’s GSCDD meeting multiple members of the Board of Supervisors described angry phone calls and emails from residents. It got so bad, said one board member, that people were harassing him about the re-branding idea at a social function Gateway over the weekend.

So it’s safe to say that your message was received loud and clear by the Supervisors.

With the public reaction fresh in their minds, the board rejected the re-branding concept altogether — but not before hearing from the people responsible for creating the uproar.

If you’re a concerned resident who wants the names involved in this whodunit, please email and I’ll be happy to provide. But I’m choosing not to publish their names because the people involved stood in front of the board, put their name on what happened, agreed it was a poor idea, and to use their words …“took the arrows”.

They said the right things. And more importantly they did the right thing yesterday. Given that the board has moved on from the re-branding idea entirely, there’s no need to run anyone’s name through the mud.

It actually was a reasonable discussion all things considered. But Supervisor Ed Tinkle was able to finagle one critical detail.

If the proposal alone was going to be in excess of $50,000 …. how much would the full re-branding project cost when you included monuments, etc, asked Tinkle.

The answer? About a half-million bucks.

Even before that gasp-inducing information was revealed at yesterday’s meeting it was clear that the Supervisors would be honoring public opinion. But once the total cost was revealed the board members wouldn’t even discuss the re-brand any more, and they immediately changed the subject to some aging irrigation lines in Gateway.

All in all, it was nice to see that everyone did the right thing when it counted most. Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come for the GSCDD in 2018.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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