Restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner has formed a significant corporate partnership with the Gateway Flag Football League for their 2018 spring season.

While exact terms of the deal will not be disclosed, Food Runner will be paying for all field lighting expenses incurred by the GFFL in their upcoming spring season, and Food Runner will also cover the additional hourly field rental rate increase as well.

And this is where I will stop speaking in the third person.

Because, as many of you know, I own both Food Runner and the Gateway Sun.

This sponsorship agreement will allow the volunteers who manage the Gateway Flag Football League to concentrate on operating their top quality youth flag football program, instead of worrying about the increased field operating expenses that begin next year.

If you read this publication, you already know that I feel the youth sports programs are vital to the fabric of this community, so it’s a pleasure to be able to provide this kind of meaningful support at this important time.

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