Multiple Stoneybrook HOA board members have told the Gateway Sun that there is another possibility that would explain why board president George Flaherty got Big Willie fired from his Stoneybrook security guard position.

While these board members may or may not have shared what they heard took place, they dropped enough bread crumbs that we started looking deeper in to #williegate to find out more.

A third possibility – which like the other two, can only be considered a rumor for now – has emerged.

And it’s even more disgusting than the other two, if true.

From what we’ve heard, Kathleen Flaherty either forgot, or pretended to forget, her pass to gain access to the pool area at the Stoneybrook clubhouse. She then asked Big Willie to let her in, and Willie happily obliged.

Before we go any further… you need to keep something in mind here: Kathleen Flaherty is an elected official in Gateway. She is a member of the Board of Supervisors who ran an aggressive campaign in Gateway. And as previously mentioned, her husband George was (somehow) elected to the Stoneybrook HOA board, and then the board members (rather amazingly) chose George to be the HOA president.

My point is that any security guard who has worked in Stoneybrook for as many years as Big Willie has would know exactly who the Flaherties are. Kathleen Flaherty is not some random, unknown stranger trying to use the pool.

So when Big Willie was asked by Kathleen Flaherty to let her in to the pool area, he thought he was doing her a favor. He was trying to be nice.

But once he let her in AT HER REQUEST, Kathleen Flaherty then turned the tables and complained to the HOA president that Big Willie didn’t ask to see any identification.

So, if this version of the events is true: Supervisor Kathleen Flaherty asked a security guard to let her in to the pool area — and when he obliged she said “GOTCHA!”

And that got the ball rolling to have Big Willie fired from Stoneybrook, according to this version of the events.

If Supervisor Flaherty was so concerned about things being done the right way, why not just go home and get your pass? And then once you are let in at your own request, why complain about it? Unless this was done on purpose for some reason.

Big Willie is a great security guard, and even a better person. I’m not going to share personal details that we’ve learned about his life, but he’s a man who has stepped up when called upon… and he was extremely popular with Stoneybrook residents.

Stoneybrook’s loss will be another community’s gain.


If Supervisor Flaherty truly did this to Big Willie then she’s just a terrible human being.

The only thing that could possibly make this worse is if Kathleen Flaherty did this on purpose. Was she testing Big Willie? Did she deliberately forget her pass? Did she even forget her pass at all? Was this a set-up? Did she do this to get Big Willie ousted from his position at Stoneybrook?

We have so many questions, and only one real way to get any answers.

So I am going to extend the offer to Supervisor Flaherty, and/or her husband George, to clear the air here.

If either of them want to write a letter explaining their actions in #williegate, I will publish it.

At the end of the day, the only two people who can tell us what they were actually thinking are the Flaherties themselves. Everything we’ve written about must be considered unofficial, or rumor, or whatever you want to call it. The Gateway Sun is stressing in the strongest possible terms that, while we know something happened between the Flaherties and Big Willie, we don’t know exactly what happened.

That is, until the Flaherties tell us all what happened from their perspective. Which we are calling upon them to do.

Hopefully they will step up and explain exactly what role they played in Big Willie being fired from Stoneybrook.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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