As we’ve long suspected, it appears as though Gartner will be moving its headquarters to the Gateway area.

Either that, or there’s been one hell of a typo.

Lee County permit filing COM2017-01469 was submitted for a “new 3 story construction shell and core building for new gartner headquarters”.

The address for the new building is 13200 Paul J. Doherty Parkway, with a strap number of 19-45-26-98-U2496.3683. A search of that strap on the website shows a parcel of land that is currently being cleared as we’ve previously reported.

This is a developing story.


No, I haven’t bothered to contact Gartner to confirm.

If this is happening, it will be a major international business story and they certainly aren’t going to let me be the one to officially break the news.

So there’s really no point asking.

Hopefully the News-Press, WINK or NBC-2 picks up on this, looks at the permit filing for themselves and starts digging. I’m sure if there’s anything to this, those outlets will be able to advance the story.

If I find out anything more on my end, I will certainly let you know.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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