Silverlakes was one of the harder-hit communities in Gateway by Hurricane Irma. Now the residents there must deal with Hurricane Lauren.

Citing safety concerns, Silverlakes HOA board president Lauren Seigel has ordered all residents to remove all debris laying on the roads in that community by October 26.

After that date, any storm debris left in our streets will be removed and the homeowners account will be billed,” said Seigel in an email to all residents.

Why, you ask?

“We must keep our streets passable and safe. Thanks for your understanding and quick compliance,” added Seigel.

Although my last delivery in Silverlakes was several days ago, at that time there was no area of Lakeland Circle (the main street in Silverlakes) that was anywhere close to being impassable.

Like all communities in Gateway, residents have been left with no choice but to pile debris in front of their homes and wait for FEMA-paid contractors to come by and remove it.

Silverlakes is the only community that the Gateway Sun is aware of who have issued a directive to its residents to remove any debris.


Silverlakes allows street parking from 6:00am until midnight.

So the problem with playing the “safety” card… and saying the streets need to be “passable”… is that I can pretty well guarantee you that every car that is parked on the street is taking up more space across the street than any debris pile in that community.

So don’t lie to people and say it’s a safety issue. Because it’s not.

Be honest and tell people it’s “I’m the board president and I don’t like how this looks and I’m using my power over you” issue.

It’s always sad to see HOA board members flexing on their residents, but it’s especially jerk-ish to be doing it over issues created by a hurricane.

Nobody ASKED to have a pile of debris waiting in front of their house to be picked up. But this board president (and I’m sure a few board members) have decided that they don’t like it, so they’re going to use their authority to compel residents to remove it. And those who don’t obey, they’ll just remove it for you and you’ll pay anyway.

Stay classy, Seigel.

I’d be interested to see if they actually do have the ability as a board to do that. Especially when the cause was a natural disaster.

If anybody does have their debris removed by the HOA and is sent a bill, please be sure to let me know.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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