According to multiple sources, former Magnolia Lakes HOA board member Cheryl Moliterno has initiated an attempt to have the community’s HOA President Flavia Walsh recalled.

Moliterno was riding around Magnolia Lakes on a golf cart, going door-to-door attempting to secure the number of signatures needed to initiate the recall.

The community’s website states that there are 116 homes in Magnolia Lakes, meaning that only 12 people would need to sign the recall ballot in order for a special meeting to be held in order for a recall vote to take place. At that meeting, 59 homeowners would need to vote to recall Walsh in order for the recall to occur.

Alternatively, Moliterno could attempt to secure 59 homeowners who state in writing that they want Walsh to be recalled, in which case no meeting would be necessary.

It appears as though Walsh is the only board member (out of 7) that Moliterno wants recalled.

Moliterno was once herself a board member, but she quit the board after a member of the community verbally attacked her and the rest of the board would not take action to defend her – essentially calling it a personal issue that did not involve the board itself.

Walsh is a polarizing figure in Magnolia Lakes. She is likely the hardest working HOA board president in Gateway, however she is often accused of taking her authority and position in the community too seriously.

It is not known at this time how many signatures Moliterno secured.


Obviously I tried to find out why Moliterno is taking this action, aside from the fact she probably doesn’t like Walsh on a personal level.

What exactly did Walsh do?

A number of accusations (a few of them criminal in nature) against Walsh were leveled by one man who emailed us, but the key issues he raised proved to be completely untrue.

Besides, Walsh is a stickler for the rules (more on that in a minute). So it seems unlikely to me that Walsh took an action that violated any of the HOA board’s rules, let alone the law.

Now I have heard on multiple occasions that Walsh goes totally overboard in using her power to have Magnolia Lakes residents fined. Speaking for myself, and living in a community operated by Kendra The Terrible, nobody likes an overzealous HOA board or board president.

So if Walsh finds herself recalled by her residents, she only has herself to blame.

My only hope for the residents of Magnolia Lakes is that Moliterno is honest with them about her beef with Walsh. And that the residents understand that they’re being petitioned by a former board member with an axe to grind, who quit on the community.

In my opinion, if Walsh could remind herself from time to time that she is there to serve the residents, not to rule them, then Magnolia Lakes would have the perfect HOA president.

The question now is whether Walsh has angered 59 homeowners enough that they agree with Moliterno and want Walsh removed as HOA president.

As always, we’ll keep you informed.

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