The Gateway Sun has learned that in the large pile of debris that mysteriously appeared in the Fun Park parking lot came from one of Gateway’s commercial areas.

The company that put the debris there, however, was invited to do so by a member of the Cypress Pointe HOA board.

Obviously, the HOA board member had no right or authorization to allow the dumping of debris on to an amenity that’s owned by all Gateway residents – not just residents of Cypress Pointe.

Further complicating matters, FEMA will only pay for debris removal that is placed on the side of a roadway and will most likely not pay to remove any debris from the Fun Park parking lot. This could leave Gateway residents to foot the bill for the Cypress Pointe HOA member’s decision.

The Gateway Services District was forced to shut off the parking lot and erect a “NO DUMPING” sign to prevent the Cypress Pointe HOA and others from arranging for additional debris to be dumped at the Fun Park.

You may recall that the Cypress Pointe HOA has a long history of trying to shut down the basketball courts located at the Fun Park. Users of the basketball courts have adapted, however, by parking in other nearby parking lots not owned by the Gateway District.


The Cypress Pointe HOA board member responsible knows they don’t have permission to authorize dumping of debris from commercial areas on to the Fun Park. There is no question that this was yet another move by them to prevent people from playing basketball. This was not an honest mistake.

But the move failed.

People are parking wherever they can and enjoying the sport.

The only difference is that now instead of watching people play ball, we get to look a big heap of debris instead. Great job.

Reports from local authorities say that it could be as many as seven weeks before FEMA comes picking up roadside debris in Gateway. But again, they won’t be coming to the Fun Park.

So instead of all Gateway residents paying to have that commercial debris removed, the Cypress Pointe HOA should pay for it. Or better yet, the mean-spirited board member who said “YOU NEED SOMEWHERE TO DUMP THAT STUFF? I’VE GOT JUST THE PLACE!” should pay for it out of their own pocket.

And lastly…. I cannot wait until next month.

We will be completing the acquisition of commercial-grade printing equipment and through FFR we already have the capability to pinpoint mailings in to very specific communities in an extremely cost effective manner.

So be warned, all HOA board members in Gateway.. by the end of this year, when you behave like this it’s going to hit your residents’ mailboxes.

And I’ll just slap a Food Runner ad on it and write the whole thing off as a marketing expense. So it won’t bug me in the least to expose your despicable, anti-resident actions.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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