Storm water retention ponds all over Gateway were tested to their limits over the weekend as the area experienced an unusually high amount of rainfall.

Rain is expected again throughout most of today.

Several Gateway residents complained on social media, blaming developers, construction debris and the Gateway Services District for the higher-than-expected levels of water in their communities. Individuals from Hampton Park were especially vocal.

That said, Gateway was left relatively unscathed compared to other parts of Lee County. Pictures of submerged cars, people in kayaks, and completely flooded roads were shared all over the Internet. Cape Coral has been hard hit in particular.

Of course, even the issues in Cape Coral pale in comparison to the damage done in Texas, where five people have lost their lives to Hurricane Harvey.

Considering the weather experienced in this part of the country over the past week, Gateway has been pretty lucky so far.


The north end of Gateway Boulevard (especially in the southbound direction) was probably the worst I’ve ever seen it.

There’s water everywhere and some people on have complained that water was just a few feet from their door or their lanai. Others cursed drivers that would still drive at normal speeds, creating waves of water that hit their door.

But you have to have some perspective here. There’s been what? 2? 3? straight days of nonstop rain? And yet still for the most-part there’s been no serious damage to property reported and certainly no loss of life.

Obviously we’re all grateful that the rains have subsided a bit this morning and that the water has a chance to recede. But the forecast calls for more rain today so we’ll see how the various drainage systems cope in Gateway and Lee County. Over-all, the system in Gateway has held up so far, but it’s hard not to see why things were getting a little uncomfortable for some people as water was inching closer and closer to their homes.

But really, when you see what Texas is going through, it’s difficult not to feel fortunate. We all know that the next hurricane could hit our area and we’ll be begging for help from FEMA instead of real estate developers and the GSCDD.

So let’s count our blessings, and please keep the people of Texas in your thoughts.


Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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