We have some news to report from yesterday’s Gateway Services District meeting that should make many people happy.

While no decisions were made in regards to cutting costs in the Lake Bank Restoration Project, engineering firm Tetra Tech assured the Board of Supervisors and the public that regardless of what methods are implemented to repair the lake, the aethestics will be the same throughout the community.

This ostensibly means that the white stones that line the pond banks in Gateway Greens will be put everywhere in Gateway.

Most people wouldn’t know the difference between a fix with ARMORMAX or any other pond repair solution, but they could certainly tell if they got sod while another lake got stones.

This assurance from Tetra Tech should give the board some peace of mind as they consider implementing the cheaper fix being suggested.


The reality is that some parts of Gateway’s ponds are worse than other parts. And frankly, some parts of some ponds don’t need to be fixed at all.

With this information coming forward that the plan would be to have a uniform look across all the ponds in Gateway, I think the board should now at least consider saving the residents money.

I mean … they should have considered it either way… but now that we know all the lakes will look the same regardless of the underlying fix, it almost sounds like a good idea.

Once the Supervisors give direction to Tetra Tech, we’ll keep you in the loop as always.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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