The Gateway CDD plans to install a water fountain at the Fun Park, and are considering creating a 20 square foot concrete slab with a sitting area and gazebo, too.

While the Board of Supervisors indicated that they are committed to the water fountain, they want to find out how much the gazebo would cost first before giving the green light to that upgrade.

Supervisor Ed Tinkle expressed his support for the gazebo, saying that in the event of an unexpected lightning storm a properly grounded gazebo could “save some kid’s life”.

The CDD’s Public Works Manager will be providing full cost information to the board at the August 17 district meeting.


I guess it can’t hurt.

The district gets its water fairly cheap so once the install is complete it would be a low cost upgrade and a useful feature for the Fun Park, especially in the summer months.

There is a picnic table out there already, but having a gazebo would be good.

Based on the discussion at the August 3 GSCDD meeting, the impression I got is that installing a water fountain is a priority for the Board of Supervisors. But I would say the gazebo is 50/50 and will come down to the costs involved.

We will let you know what the board decides and share the cost information provided by the Public Works department late next week.

On another note … as some of you know, the Fun Park is practically in my back yard. I can report that the basketball court has had near-constant use this summer, while the volleyball court has been used sparingly – maybe once per week on average. But when it is in use there’s been a large group of people playing.

There was some conversation months ago about converting the volleyball courts in to something else. But there’s plenty of room available if the district wanted to add a new attraction to the Fun Park. And there will be even more room once the GSCDD buys the Girl Scout building.

There hasn’t been much (or any) discussion about adding new things to do at the Fun Park, however some residents have been asking for pickle ball.

I have no clue if pickle ball is any fun or not since I’ve never played it, but you know me. I’m always in favor of adding amenities. I say go for it.

Lastly, there have been no night-time disturbances that I’ve noticed since I moved in at the end of May. However one of my neighbors did tell me that there have been issues there in the past.

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