The Silverlakes HOA board has called an emergency meeting on July 31, 2017 at 2:30pm in order to “adopt a new fishing rule, which could lead to imposing fines on violators” according to an email sent to all Silverlakes residents.

Indeed, a notice is currently affixed to the official Silverlakes bulletin board which reads:



In addition, the Silverlakes board contacted the Lee County Sherrif’s Office to seek advice about what a resident should do if they notice unwanted fishing on Silverlakes property.

The email stated that: “The LCSO has advised the Association that if someone other than the owner is fishing on private property and refuses to leave, that the owner should call 911 immediately and a deputy will respond.”

The policy and position of the Silverlakes HOA board is clear: no unwanted fishing on the Silverlakes ponds.

And if someone is fishing and won’t leave, call 911.


So that’s that, then.

There will be no unauthorized fishing allowed in Silverlakes. And as always, the HOA board has thought of every possible scenario.

As of July 31, they will adopt a “NEW FISHING RULE” for the community and may start imposing fines.

The good news is that there is nothing in the fishing rule against sun-tanning. So can still bring your chair and soak in the rays.

There is also nothing in the new fishing policy against horseback riding… or having a barbeque… or playing a game of lawn darts…

Just no unauthorized fishing.

So says the HOA board, who have obviously thought this whole thing through very carefully.

But what say the residents?

As you can probably imagine, the Silverlakes residents who contacted us aren’t thrilled with the HOA’s idea of calling 911 just because people are fishing on someone else’s property. And just how much of an eye-roll do you think the LCSO dispatcher did taking that call from the HOA board member?

So on behalf of all Lee County residents, I’m going to over-rule the Silverlakes HOA board here and tell you NOT to waste LCSO resources by automatically calling 911. You never know what other life-threatening events are happening elsewhere in the county that actually do require an emergency response by the Sheriff’s Office.

If the people fishing threaten you or you notice other illegal behavior, then yes obviously you should call 911. But if the people fishing are just being jerks and not leaving, please consider calling the Sheriff’s non-emergency line at 239-477-1000.

Use common sense.

And don’t forget to use sunscreen.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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