Ah yes, the Fun Park.

This time last year there was talk of either turning the basketball courts in to a fortress, or dismantling them altogether and installing pickle ball courts in order to discourage visitors from Lehigh Acres.

The problem was that trash was being left at the Fun Park, and people were in the park during night-time hours when the park was closed.

It would seem the problems are persisting.

“Is there anything that can be done about the trash being left at the basketball courts behind Trinity Lutheran Church. I honestly feel it’s outsiders coming and playing and then leaving their trash behind,” one woman recently complained on the Nextdoor.com social media site.

Now if you saw a guy who could stand to lose about 30 pounds on the courts yesterday with a slightly warped Miami Heat basketball shooting about 15% from the field, that was me.

While I was there I also checked the entire area for trash.

I found about five plastic bottle caps from water bottles and a Gatorade bottle cap on the ground, as well as a small plastic wrapper.

We know for a fact that the bottle caps were left by outsiders, because Gateway residents wouldn’t litter.

I also saw some young outsiders climbing on the roof of the Girl Scout building. And we know for a fact they’re not from Gateway, because Gateway’s children wouldn’t misbehave in such ways.

I know I certainly never climbed on to the roof of Divine Infant elementary school in Orleans, Ontario dozens of times when I was a kid to get free tennis balls that other kids had thrown too high while playing at recess. Kids from Orleans wouldn’t do that.

All-in-all, the park looked like any other park with a very small amount of trash left behind. Basically as much trash as you’d find in any other park on the continent.

For now it seems the Fun Park is still a safe place for your children to play.

That is, ofcourse … unless you see me running the motion offense transitioning to the Memphis Attack, driving to the hoop before executing my 360-degree slamma-jamma-ding-dong-DUNK in YO’ FACE … then nobody’s safe!

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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