They’re supposed to be there to help protect the residents and their property, but one Stoneybrook security guard decided to help themselves and take some property instead.

Here’s what happened:

Nearly two weeks ago a little girl’s bike was stolen from the bike racks at the Stoneybrook clubhouse. Several Stoneybrook residents worked to find the bike and eventually located it a Cape Coral pawn shop on May 24. The man who pawned the bike turned out to be a Stoneybrook security guard and from there it didn’t take a whole lot of detective work to solve the case.

The now-fired security guard was arrested later the same day.

Although we know the identity of the guard, we are awaiting the booking report from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office before publishing his name and arrest photo.

Stoneybrook HOA president George Flaherty said in a statement that the bike is “back in the possession of the owner, but not without the owner having to pay the pawn shop the ‘Pawned Value’ plus a service fee.”

It’s completely ridiculous that the bike’s owner had to pay a single cent to get the bike back, but I guess that’s the way it works.

Since the bike was worth $350, that amount meant the theft was a felony. The guard was also charged with two counts of dealing in stolen property (presumably for pawning it) as well as resisting arrest, and get this – one count of “escape”.

Again, we’re awaiting the booking report to find out what the hell went down during the arrest.

In the meantime we can tell you that the alleged thief is currently in the Lee County jail with his bond set at $56,500. None of the allegations against the guard have been proven in court.

Once we gather all the necessary information we will turn our attention to the guard, his company and the decision by the HOA board to hire them as a cost-cutting measure.

Please note that we reached out to the security company for comment, but so far they have not responded.

For now, though, we celebrate that the good news that there’s a happy little girl in Stoneybrook who got her bike back!

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