As part of my quest to live in as many communities in Gateway as possible, I’m pleased to announce I’ll be moving to Cypress Pointe at the end of the school year – on or about May 26.

I’ll get the keys sooner than that, but I don’t feel like driving my kids to school every day (and picking them up) so we’re staying put until school lets out.

From my new house I’ll have a perfect view of the Fun Park, Trinity Church, and the Girl Scout Building.

I plan to buy a basketball and school all you suckas on the court.

Or something.

Unfortunately this does not mean I will be resuming coverage of the Gateway Services Community Development District. To be completely honest with you, this move is more about improving things with Florida Food Runner than the Gateway Sun.

But nevertheless, I’m extremely pumped about moving to Cypress Pointe.

And I welcome my new HOA overlords. (Haha. Just kidding.)

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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