The Gateway Sun is suspending its coverage of the Gateway Services Community Development District.

This action is to protest both the decision of district staff several months ago to remove all public documents from the GSCDD website with (as yet) no announced intention to put them back online; as well as the Board of Supervisors using their control over a piece of district-owned property last week in a way that was error-filled, rife with conflict of interest and completely contrary to the wishes of the residents the board members took an oath to serve.

I will regret not being able to keep Gateway residents informed of the positive work the GSCDD is doing with the Lake Bank Restoration Project, road turnover, the new district headquarters building and most especially the Gateway Commons Park project.

However, I will be silently following one specific GSCDD-related issue to the very end: Stoneybrook street parking on the district’s roads.

Not to see if I was right about something.

But rather to find out if I was wrong about someone.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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