Every once in awhile at the Gateway Services Community Development District meetings, someone will ask the Board of Supervisors why there’s an urgent need to spend millions of dollars to repair Gateway’s lakes.

To a person, they’ll tell you that they have no choice because they were ordered to by the South Florida Water Management District.

So I contacted the SFWMD to ask for a copy of the order.

They didn’t know what I was talking about.

They didn’t know at the main office, and they didn’t know at the Lower West Coast Service Center in Fort Myers.

They’re “going to need to look into this and get back” to me, they said.

But surely, there’s an order.

Obviously, each Supervisor has personally seen and read the order from the SFWMD. Nobody who is participating in signing off on obtaining tens of millions of dollars in loans on behalf of the community would do that without actually knowing why they’re doing it.

And without any doubt, the GSCDD would love nothing more than to present a copy of the order to the public forthwith. (You could even email it to me, if you like.)

Because if the GSCDD goes forward and fixes all of the lakes – as is their plan – each Gateway household will be paying an estimated $3000 to $6000.

All on the premise that those people must pay that money because the South Florida Water Management District ordered them to via ordering the CDD to fix the ponds.

I’m not saying fix no lakes, some lakes or all of the lakes. But I am saying due to the dollars involved the district should be fully transparent.

And I know transparency isn’t their thing these days but in this case the residents should demand it.

So just to put everybody’s mind at ease, I’m asking the GSCDD to please publish the order from the SFWMD that is compelling the district to spend all this money.

That way we can all see it and move on.

Editor of the Gateway Sun and owner of restaurant delivery service Florida Food Runner.

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