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Why wouldn’t this work? Why can’t Stoneybrook’s roads be transferred to the HOA using Florida Statute 336.125 and then they can set their own street parking rules? Wouldn’t that be the best thing for everybody?

(Before we get all technical, I know the Stoneybrook roads aren’t owned by Lee County they’re owned by the GSCDD. But the GSCDD is transferring Gateway Boulevard and two other roads to Lee County, so why couldn’t they just transfer Stoneybrook’s roads and then Lee County transfer them to the HOA just for argument’s sake).

Again. I don’t know the answer. I am ASKING. If any lawyers out there know why this would or would not work please email me at

336.125 Closing and abandonment of roads; optional conveyance to homeowners’ association; traffic control jurisdiction.—

(1)(a) In addition to the authority provided in s. 336.12, the governing body of the county may abandon the roads and rights-of-way dedicated in a recorded residential subdivision plat and simultaneously convey the county’s interest in such roads, rights-of-way, and appurtenant drainage facilities to a homeowners’ association for the subdivision, if the following conditions have been met:

1. The homeowners’ association has requested the abandonment and conveyance in writing for the purpose of converting the subdivision to a gated neighborhood with restricted public access.

2. No fewer than four-fifths of the owners of record of property located in the subdivision have consented in writing to the abandonment and simultaneous conveyance to the homeowners’ association.

3. The homeowners’ association is both a corporation not for profit organized and in good standing under chapter 617, and a “homeowners’ association” as defined in s. 720.301(9) with the power to levy and collect assessments for routine and periodic major maintenance and operation of street lighting, drainage, sidewalks, and pavement in the subdivision.

4. The homeowners’ association has entered into and executed such agreements, covenants, warranties, and other instruments; has provided, or has provided assurance of, such funds, reserve funds, and funding sources; and has satisfied such other requirements and conditions as may be established or imposed by the county with respect to the ongoing operation, maintenance, and repair and the periodic reconstruction or replacement of the roads, drainage, street lighting, and sidewalks in the subdivision after the abandonment by the county.

(b) The homeowners’ association shall install, operate, maintain, repair, and replace all signs, signals, markings, striping, guardrails, and other traffic control devices necessary or useful for the private roads unless an agreement has been entered into between the county and the homeowners’ association, as authorized under s. 316.006(3)(b), expressly providing that the county has traffic control jurisdiction.

(2) Upon abandonment of the roads and rights-of-way and the conveyance thereof to the homeowners’ association, the homeowners’ association shall have all the rights, title, and interest in the roads and rights-of-way, including all appurtenant drainage facilities, as were previously vested in the county. Thereafter, the homeowners’ association shall hold the roads and rights-of-way in trust for the benefit of the owners of the property in the subdivision, and shall operate, maintain, repair, and, from time to time, replace and reconstruct the roads, street lighting, sidewalks, and drainage facilities as necessary to ensure their use and enjoyment by the property owners, tenants, and residents of the subdivision and their guests and invitees. The provisions of this section shall be regarded as supplemental and additional to the provisions of s. 336.12, and shall not be regarded as in derogation of that section.

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